Safety Guidelines

Park General Rules

  • NO ANIMALS (except service animals with paper work and bib) beyond parking lots
  • NO outside food and beverages.
  • NO gum or seeds allowed on fields.
  • NO tobacco products, illegal drugs, or chemicals of any kind.
  • NO spectator coolers or containers of any size.
  • NO fireworks of any kind.
  • NO missile / projectile like objects.
  • NO glass bottles or aluminum cans.
  • NO air horns, Vuvuzelas or whistles of any kind.
  • NO skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, roller shoes, etc.
  • NO un-authorized field or batting cage usage – all usage must be approved in advance.
  • NO un-approved pamphlets, handouts, displays, advertisements, etc.
  • NO un-authorized merchandise, food, beverage, or photography sales of any kind.
  • NO un-authorized vehicles, scooters, carts or the like beyond parking lots.
  • NO un-authorized Personal Training
  • All RV/Camper’s. Overnight parking is not permitted

Severe Weather Policy

  • Alarm will sound when lightning is within 8 miles (This is a solid tone siren, beacon lights will turn on)
  • If the park experiences technical difficulties with the notification system, air horns will be used in a backup situation.
  • Creekside management team, which includes anchor organizations, will communicate directly with Event Directors in the event of severe weather that requires evacuation.